A List Grooming

With a Fear Free Certified groomer.

Slide Meet Our Groomer Our Capeside Animal Hospital groomer, Tasha, is Fear Free Certified and has learned how to set the grooming area up to help ensure Fear Free grooms. From the moment they enter, throughout the groom and until the moment they leave. This includes layout, sight, sounds, smells, entrances and exits, and more. All this translates to decreased stress and happier pets. If needed we provide sedation for pets that require it for grooming. Our groomer, Tasha, has been with Capeside since April 2009. Tasha has worked with both of Capeside's previous groomers and is excited to have taken over as our full time groomer. Tasha is a talented groomer and she will treat your pet with compassion and patience. Tasha is also Fear Free Certified! Fear Free Grooming

Slide Get Groomed She schedules appointments for dogs and cats Monday through Friday, with convenient morning drop off appointments. Your pet is usually ready within 5 hours. Please contact Tasha for rates and availability! 910-383-2100