A Longer, Happier Life

Starts with routine wellness care.


Slide Wellness & Prevention 817-598-0886 At Capeside Animal Hospital, we believe in preventative care for your pet. Early detection of health problems can allow for prompt treatment. Your pet should receive a comprehensive physical exam at least once a year and geriatric, or older pets (pets 7 years or older), should have a physical exam twice yearly. Since the average pet's lifespan is significantly shorter than ours, their health can change very quickly within just a few months.

Slide Laboratory Testing Our pets get into things! They eat things they shouldn't and pick up unwanted guests. That is why we recommend routine screening for parasites. Dogs and cats are also good at hiding disease, so wellness bloodwork is important for early detection of problems. This becomes even more critical as they age. Ask us about the best options for your pet.

Slide Vaccines Vaccines are also an important component of a preventative health plan. Recent studies have shown that some vaccines are lasting longer than one year. Your pet's age and lifestyle will be used to tailor a vaccination protocol based on your pet's risk for certain diseases. We will be sure to send you a reminder when vaccines are due.