Spring is right around the corner, and your pets can feel it. They have cabin fever from winter just like us, and you’ll both probably want to spend a lot more time outside in the coming months and weeks. Though springtime brings fresh air and wam weather, it also comes with a host of hazards for your pets. Here’s some tips from the great folks at North Shore Animal League America to help you and your pets enjoy the great weather.

Make sure your pets are current on vaccinations and are protected with tick, flea, and heartworm treatments.

Make sure your pets have tags or some sort of identification at all times.

Spring showers mean standing water, which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Make sure your pets have plenty of clean water accessible outdoors.

If your dog is eating grass, there’s usually no need to worry. It could mean he has a bellyache, or it could just be his natural instinct to aid his digestion. Do make sure to keep your pets from snacking on grass treated with fertilizer or unidentified plants though.

Pets can have allergies just like us, so if you notice the obvious signs (swollen eyes, scratching, sneezing, skin and/or fur conditions, etc.) take your pet to the vet to get checked out.

Pets can pack on weight during a sedentary winter just like we can, so take advantage of the great weather to get some exercise together. Playing with your pet is great for his or her health. Make sure to supplement regular activity with a proper diet.

Grooming is important, and not just for looking good. Keeping  your pet groomed and clean helps prevent skin problems, fleas and ticks.

For cats and dogs, springtime means mating season! Make sure your pets are spayed and neutered so that they don’t contribute to pet overpopulation.

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Original material from animalleague.org