Spring is almost officially here, and the weather is getting warmer. We went over some tips to keep your pets healthy and happy this spring in our last blog. This time, we’re going to have a look at some less-obvious warm-weather hazards that you should be mindful of.

  • Easter Treats and Decorations: Keep those chocolatey treats away from your pets. Chocolate is toxic to cats, dogs ,and ferrets. Easter lilies are beautiful, but can be fatal if ingested by your pets. Watch your pets around plastic Easter grass as well. Cats in particular love to nibble on the stuff, which can lead to vomiting and dehydration
  • Spring Cleaning: It’s time to dust away those winter cobwebs and start fresh, but while you’re doing so make sure to keep cleaning supplies and chemicals away from your pets. Most commercial cleaning supplies contain chemicals that are harmful to pet health. Make sure you read the labels to ensure proper usage and storage.
  • Home Improvement: It’s time to repaint the house, stain the deck, and take care of all those repairs you’ve been putting off. But while you do that, make sure you keep your pets in mind. Many paints, stains, and mineral solvents can be toxic and cause skin irritation or chemical burns. Be wary of stray debris as well, such as insulation, nails/screws, staples, etc. It’s probably a good idea to confine your pet until you finish the home improvement project.
  • In The Garden: What’s good for your tomato’s might be fatal for fido. Fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides aren’t meant for consumption, so store them out of the way of your pets. Some common springtime plants can be poisonous as well. Easter lilies, rhododendron and azaleas are all toxic, so don’t let your pets munch on them.
  • Buckle Up!: Lots of dogs (and a few adventurous cats) love to ride along and feel the wind on their faces. Allowing your pet to ride in the bed of your pickup truck, or to stick it’s head out the window, is dangerous though. Flying debris (like rocks on a gravel road) and insects can cause ear and eye injuries, or even worse. Make sure your pets are safely buckled in, just like you are.
  • April Showers Bring… : May flowers of course! But along with them come all sorts of bugs, including fleas, ticks, and more. Make sure your pet is up to date on his or her vaccinations and is on a flea/tick/heartworm control program.

Springtime can be a great time for you and your pets, as long as you stay mindful and safe. If you have other questions, drop Capeside Animal Hospital a line over on our contact page!

Thanks to the ASPCA for these springtime safety tips.