It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a rapid end. The silver lining? With the return to school we can look forward to enjoying fall weather with our pets. There are undeniable benefits to cooler, crisper fall days: your pet can enjoy running and playing in the park without the threat of overheating so quickly. And what pet owner doesn’t love to crunch through the colorful autumn leaves?

It’s important to be mindful of a few season-specific tips for pet care to ensure you fully and safely enjoy the weeks to come. Here are five ways to ensure top-quality pet care this fall:

  • Pets that have had plenty of human companionship all summer may now be lonely. Think about leaving a talk show playing on the radio and some extra chew treats to help pets adjust to the school year schedule. Dental treats can help pets with their tooth care while also providing some amusement
  • Continue with heartworm medication even after the end of mosquito season. Most of the preventive medications work retroactively, so they need to be continued after the mosquitos disappear!
  • Fleas and ticks can continue into the fall and even winter, especially in the south, so continue to protect pets from these parasites as well. Large piles of raked up leaves can be wonderful tick havens – so try to keep your pets from playing in the piles.
  • Watch your pet’s diet. If your pet is getting less exercise now than during the summer months, a decrease in the amount of food might be a good idea. Talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s nutrition.
  • Indoor pets should be provided with a warm, dry area free from drafts. Provide bedding that off cold floors, and wash bedding weekly if possible (the fleas will hate you).
  • Outdoor pets should have dry shelter out of the wind. Bring cats and dogs into the house if the weather conditions are severe (cold, rainy, etc).